Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Whales, seals, and penguins, oh my! And polar plunge!

It was another amazing day!  We started off with a long touring zodiac ride as we attempted to find a suitable place to land.  Along the way we say chinstrap penguins (named for the black line that runs under their chins) and some crabeater seals (named for their preference to eat shrimp and caviar).  Then, as we were skinning up a glacier we saw a pod of 7 orca (killer) whales go by.  We then went straight up a 1000' , 40 degree ridge with a 10' X10' platform to put our gear on, and had a tight, jump-turn ski back down it.  On the way back to the ship we say more seals and penguins, and added a minke whale to the list.  Back on board, we participated in the polar plunge: a swim in the 31 degree Antarctic waters!  Finally, we ended the day with an outdorr BBQ with a gentle snow fall around us.  I had no internet connection during the day, and wooke up at 3 am to write this!  I will post pics tomorrow.  We are headed for the Shetland islands for two more days of skiing, and the start of Ski710.  Oh, one more thing, a writer from Travel and Liesure Magazine is on board and is very interested in our story!

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