Sunday, November 6, 2011

Ushuaia: the bottom of the world

After 20 hours of traveling we teamed up with Scott's friend Winston and made it Ushuaia, Argentina.  The transfer across Buenos Aires from the international airport to the domestic airport was crazy.  Lines, loud crowded spaces, and waiting were the nature of the afternoon.  Through the madness, we learned it was easy to spot fellow skiers on the trip by their bulky baggage that annoyed airline crew or the ski boots completely out of place in the terminal.  The flight into Ushuaia reminded us why we came as we descended through the clouds into a snowy mountain-lined straight connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  While the three of us made it, we waited an hour to learn our skis did not as they were deemed overweight for our crowded flight.  We were assured they were on the next flight arriving a few hours later.  We checked into the hotel walked around town, had italian for dinner, and then walked more of the town trying to find our skis.  It turns out they were delivered to our hotel.  Key lessons from the day:
  • none of us speak spanish as well as we thought (and we didn't think we spoke spanish that well to begin with)
  • airlines don't like ski bags
  • there are enough stuffed animal penguins in Ushuaia to start your own rookery
Tomorrow we attempt to ski Martial Glacier outside of town.

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