Sunday, November 27, 2011


At 8:20 PM on November 27, 2011, exactly 10 days, 5 hours, and 20 minutes since we were last skiing in Antarctica, we skied our ten turns on a warm, rainy night on Mount St. Bruno outside Montreal, Canada fulfilling the accomplishment of skiing all 7 continents in 10 days.

Thanks to Madpatski for the tip on Mt. St. Bruno after we discovered Mt. St. Sauveur was closed.  We are hungry and tired, and will post pictures of us sopping wet tomorrow. 



    Happy you got the message about St-Bruno + much closer than St-Sauveur (if it would have been open). For some reason, I thought you had a direct flight from Morocco to Canada (I hadn't looked at your map/header) and we're looking for Night skiing.

    If I would have known, I would have picked you up at the airport and skied with you at St-Bruno. I was looking to get some November turns (month ski streak) and did St-Sauveur yesterday (knew it was going to rain today), because of the lack of snow this November.

    I'll liked to get some beta from you guys, not on how to get 7 in 10, but more on the Africa logistics. I'm also curious on the financial aspect. Around the World plane ticket? I have a few continents to get to... Oceania (2012?), Asia, Africa ... and maybe even Antarctica in 2013???

  2. Congratulations guys! So happy it worked out!

  3. Well done! Loved the posts and the photos. Thank you for sharing this adventure! Arlene