Sunday, November 27, 2011

Six continents down, and North America is providing the glitch!

With a four-hour layover in Morocco (we got up at 3 am today), we decided to check the conditions at our final stop in Montreal.  To our surprise, Mount St. Sauveur has very little snow and therefore canceled night skiing this week preferring to close at 4 pm.  Our flight unfortunately arrives at 5:30 pm.  So, we have two plans in place.  First is a very heartfelt (or begging) email to the resort to see if they will allow us to ski after they close (I was thinking to ask blog followers to email the resort with their support for us, but decided to not inundate their inbox).  The second is to take a later flight to Houston on Monday so we can ski Monday morning.  The drawback to plan B is that we end up skiing all seven continents in 10 days, 18 hours.  Don't worry, I likely won't change the blog name to Ski710.75!  Stay tuned as to what happens!


  1. Don't delay your plan. I didn't mention it last night, but Mt St-Bruno (even closer than MSS) on South Shore Montreal is open. I just called them and spoke to someone at Customer Service and guaranteed me that they would be open tonight until 10pm.

    I'm surprised that St-Sauveur isn't open for nightskiing, they were yesterday. Like I mentioned yesterday, its very warm and raining today.

    Your 45 minutes away, so my guess is that getting your bags and passing through should take you at the must, 2 hours. So say you leave the airport at 8:30pm you should be skiing. Lift tickets our $12 on Sunday nights.,+Dorval,+QC&daddr=Ski+Mont+Saint-Bruno,+Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville,+QC&hl=en&sll=45.344354,-75.654548&sspn=0.264949,0.477905&geocode=Ff2ktQIdX6ua-yGNZxQQeagwHg%3BFUQ6twIdpuug-yEwaCz4Td97DQ&vpsrc=0&mra=ls&t=m&z=11

    Good luck...

  2. There are three choices on the itinerary I posted above. Use the Autoroute 30 option, don't use the 40 - construction and a real headaches most of the time traffic wise. You might get some traffic to get to Champlain Bridge, but it should be minimal.