Monday, November 14, 2011

Powder and goggle tans part 2

Today was an amazing day.  After breakfast we geared up, hopped on the Zodiac, and cruised to a landing spot in an area known as "the Farm."  Here a series of three glaciers roll down from a hill forming a wide and expansive area for skiing.  We skinned up the center rising to about 1500' where the wind was howling, but we were afforded magnificent views of the bays, channels, and inlets all around us.  We skied beautiful 6-8 powder on the way down making the best turns so far in Antarctica.  He the did another lap off to the side which was much steeper.  I personally like the steep stuff, mostly because I ski very well in it.  Another trip down and a zodiac picked us up and whisked us two or three miles across the bay to Victoria Peak.  We skinned up that and had a chance to do about a 40 degree slope in some nice creamy powder.  We skied down, watched some guys to a massive steep face toward us, and then went to the zodiac and returned for dinner.  It was such an amazing day!
 Just landed on the beach and getting gear ready to ascend (well, most of us are; Scott is just sitting there in the red jacket)
 Ascending a stepp skin track on Mount Victoria
Scott descending (without falling!).  The ship is on the left.
 Returning to the hotel. 
 Sailing away from today's playground....
...and into the sunset.  Yeah, Antarctica ain't too shabby!

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