Friday, November 25, 2011

Europe: Check!

The morning started at 4:45.  We packed everything up and headed to the train station to start the three-hour journey to Zermatt.  It turns out trains seem to be designed for people who carry onlysmall luggage when they travel.  We are carrying a double ski bag whcih is big enough and heavy enough to double as a body bag.  After lifting the bag into a train car, trying unsuccessfully to shove it under the seat, I decided wot look down the train for a solution and found it in a car designed to hold bikes.  Two hours later we were in the town of Visp and transferrnig to a seond train.  This was actually a partial cog train designed to climb some impressively steep grades to get into Zermatt.  Another hour along a steep and rugged valley and gorge, and we arrived in the beautiful town of Zermatt.  The other trouble with a monster ski bag: finding a locker big enough to store it for the day.  We managed to find one in the train station and hiked up to the lift.  Along the way, we spotted Zermatt's most well-known landmark: the Matterhorn.  Zermatt in one large and incredible ski area.  We took a gondola up for nearly 30 minutes.  It just kept gaining elevation!.  By 10 AM we made our ten turns to qualify for Europe.  We then spent the next four hours tearing up groomer runs, taking gondolas to crazy locations, and had lunch in Italy.The end of the day was another mad scramble to catch the train to Geneva.  We noticed how we are always scrambling to make the train or the flight, and then have to sit on the train or plane and do nothing for the next several hours.  Next up:  we leave at 5 AM for Morocco!  Five down...two to go!
 Cog train to Zermatt
 An oxymoron?
 First views of the Matterhorn
 Scott taking some turns on the Italian side (you can tell because the Gondola looks like a Ferrari!)
 Marty in the foreground.  Boring Matterhorn in the background.
 On the border with deciding which side to ski.
 "This place is huge!!!"
 The Alps go on forever
Scott obscuring the sun with the fine snow!

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  1. 1) What?! No mall skiing on Black Friday? I know, it's hard enough as it is.
    2) I expect there will be least 7 banana keeper photos, one from every continent. I should have told you this ahead of time.
    3) Good luck in Morocco! Jim and I are really interested in this one and hope it's a success!