Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 3 in Ushaia: Packing and sightseeing

Our sense for adventure continued today as we joined a...wait for it...BUS TOUR!  With us spending the early morning packing our gear and dropping it off to be put on the ship, we found ourselves with no gear to go skiing.  So we joined a bus tour of Tierra del Fuego National Park (or Parque Nationales or something).  The tour started off slow as we wandered around aimlessly to pick up other clients and drop them off for their train ride (no one told us about an amazing train ride -- i am sure it was lame) and climaxed upon us seeing geese AND a blackbird such that the tour guide exclaimed "We've seen two types of birds; we can leave now!"   There was an interesting nugget about the Pipo River that runs through the park.  Apparently a prisoner in the original Ushuaia penal colony tried escaping by swimming the Pipo river.  He was found days later frozen solid.  The guide in deadpan broken english said "he found freedom, but not the one he was looking for."  That just about describes our feelings about the bus tour!

The good news is that others are really interested in ski710 and we already had our first celebrity photo request.  Now I feel like we can't dissappoint, which means succeeding or failing spectacularly!

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