Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 2: Language Barriers and Souveniers

Day 2 brought a light rain to Ushuaia.  We checked out our gear with our guide and then had the day to ourselves.  After spending the first night in a super-cramped triple room, I volunteered to get my own room.  I was hoping this was going to be a simple discussion with the front desk akin to "Do you have a room available tonight, porfavor?"  In the next 15 minutes I went from checking us out of our existing room (no room), to being charged 800 pesos for an extra room, to negotiating hard to get it to 600 pesos, to ultimately being offered the room for free.  Apparently my spanish is really bad, or maybe it is really good!  

After this we went grocery shopping, which will warrant its own blog posting when i get time.  Post grocery shopping we had awesome pizza (it is soooo good down here) and then went souvenir shopping.  It turns out it is difficult to buy souvenirs when your ski gear takes up so much space.  Luckily, limiting items in size also limits them in price.  We scored some penguin garb and postcards and decals, and called it an afternoon.

We had an expedition kickoff dinner (although they didn't call it that, is kickoff a corporate world word?).  There, we met many of our colleagues and suprisingly we started gaining notoriety for our attempt to ski all seven continents in 10 days.  This was a welcome response from the typical "huh?" I got in Houston. 

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