Thursday, November 10, 2011

The blog and cruise are going well

The blog is going well.  We are average 40+ unique viewers per day.  Feel free to share the blog with others if you like it!

The ship continues to rock and roll across the Drake Lake.  It is crazy to imagine smaller sailboats crossing this hundreds of years ago.  We had a lecture on birds this afternoon, which I am sure was fascinating to orinthologists everywhere.  Unfortunately we really don"t have those on board so judging by the number of people who fell asleep we more interested in the skiing than the birds.  There are a mix of gulls and albatross that follow the boat across the entire passage.  These birds can spend the better part of a year at sea and only come back to land to mate.  Some of the albatross have wing spans of 10 feet or more.  Although they all appeared to be named after color patterns (grey-head albatross, etc.) it turns out color doesn't do a good job of identifying them,  That is truly all I picked up from the 30 minute lecture.  This afternoon we get a slide show on the history of antarctica discovery and exploration.  That sounds more interesting to me (apologies to the orinthologists!). 

We are roughly heading toward the Shetland Islands as the wind is currently pushing ice toward deception island.  We should arrive late tomorrow and ski there the next day (Sat?--I am loosing track now that I no longer count days!)


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