Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Australia/New Zealand: Check!

Three continents down!  We arrived at the ski area on the north side of Mount Ruapehu.  We were intending to ski the south side of the volcano but the snow appeared so close and enticing on the north side.  We geared up and hiked up through the lava fields through the snow.  Soon we were hiking up snow in a valley between two lava flows.  At the top we put on our skis and made nice turns over about a 1000 feet of soft, spring corn snow.  

 Scott hiking up the snow.
 Marty stepping over basalt to get to the start of the run
 Ski710 Round 3...
 New Zealand!  And Scott's banana keeper
 Marty making turns
Scott skiing below the waterfall emanating from the lava flow cliffs.

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