Thursday, November 24, 2011

Asia: Check!

Navigating to today's ski location proved more difficult than we anticipated.  First we had to take a train.  From the station, we had to boot it in to our first turns.  The map wasn't as helpful as we had hoped.  The familiar "you are here" red star was there, but everything else was in Arabic.  We looked for familiar landmarks in the landscape and slowly was able to figure out where to go.  Finally we arrived: the weather was a cold 23 degrees Fahrenheit; the coldest we've faced the entire trip.  We arrived early to attempt to make the first tracks of the day.  Our gamble paid off with hundreds or maybe thousands of square feet of fresh groomed corduroy.  We were to make the first turns of the day!  

Enthralled?  Good...because I just did my best to describe indoor skiing.  At 10:15 AM Scott and I made our turns in Dubai capturing our Asia as our fourth continent!

 Looking for signs from above to find the good ski runs
 Scott booting up some of the steeper ascents
 Reminders of Antarctica loom all around us
 We are getting close!
The neon blue is a nice touch!

 Scott pulling some great turns in the fresh groomed surface
 Marty aggressively hitting one of the steep sections
 Scott, the banana protector, and indoor skiing.  As the sign suggests, what more do you need?!
 Taking in the scenery
Here's to you, Winston!

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